FIFA World Cup 2022 Argentina

FIFA World Cup 2022: Argentina beats France in the final; wins the trophy after 36 years

The world of Football has just witnessed one of the most dramatic finals in FIFA World Cup history. Argentina and France played a splendid game in the final which eventually went to the penalty shootouts. Finally, it was Argentina which outshined the opponents in the shootout and emerged as the winner of the tournament. After 36 years, Argentina won the World Cup. It is also the first World Cup win for one of the greatest players of the sport, Lionel Messi.

Right from the beginning, this match provided ultimate entertainment. Argentina’s trump card Messi gave an early advantage to his team by scoring a penalty goal in the 23rd minute. Within the next 13 minutes, he assisted Angel De Maria, who scored a beautiful goal. Thus, Argentina went to a dominant position with a score of 2-0. France was literally weak in the entire first half.

All of a sudden, the 2018 champions made a strong comeback and started attacking in the second half. Kylian Mbappé opened the tally of his team by scoring through a penalty in the 80th minute. In the next 96 seconds, he scored another goal and equalled the score. This goal turned the whole match and it eventually went into extra time.

In the 108th minute, Messi scored another stunner of a goal and almost ensured a victory for his team. But Mbappé pulled back his team into the game by scoring another goal through a penalty in the 118th minute. Thus, he became the first player in the last 56 years to score a hat-trick in the World Cup final. Eventually, the match went into the penalty shootouts.

Thanks to Emiliano Martínez’s brilliant keeping, Argentina was able to save two goals. On the flip side, Argentinians scored four goals on a trot and sealed the game with a shoot-out score of 4-2. In that way, Argentina emerged as the winner of this epic clash. Not only Argentinians but the entire fandom of Messi is celebrating this victory. Congratulations, Champ! You deserve it.