Manu Charitra Review

Manu Charitra Movie Review | Shiva Kandukuri, Megha Akash, Priya Vadlamani

Movie: Manu Charitra
Directer: Bharath Pedagani

Cast: Shiva Kandukuri, Megha Akash, Priya Vadlamani, Pragathi Shrivatsav, Suhas, Daali Dhananjay, Srikanth Iyengar

Producers: N Sreenivasa Reddy
Music Director: Gopi Sunder
DOP: Rahul Shrivatsav
Editor: Prawin Pudi

Banner: Proddutur Talkies
Release Date: 23 June 2023

The IBC News Rating

Producer Raj Kandukuri’s son Shiva Kandukuri acted in notable films like Choosi Chudangane and Gamanam. He is now back with his new flick, Manu Charitra. Directed by Bharath Peddagani, this movie features Megha Akash, Pragathi Shrivastav, and Priya Vadlamani as the female leads. It hit the screens today. Here is the review:


Manu (Shiva Kandukuri) hails from Warangal. He is an academic topper. He falls in love with multiple girls but breaks up with them in the end. In the process, he comes across Sravya (Priya Vadlamani) and loves her at first sight. Initially, Sravya doesn’t love Manu back. Eventually, she falls for him. But Manu breaks up with her too. What is the reason behind his multiple breakups? To know the answer, you have to watch the film.


What’s Entertaining and What’s Boring:

The lead actor’s character has been sketched in an interesting manner. Shiva Kandukuri is seen in two different getups in the movie. He also did justice to his role for most of the extent. He tried to carry the entire film on his shoulders. He is a big plus for this movie. Megha Akash’s portions were decently made. She shared a good chemistry with Shiva and their scenes engage us. Gopi Sundar’s background score and a couple of songs are good too. Especially, audiences will feel good while watching the second half. Multiple love stories and breakups feel interesting.

Performance of Cast and Crew:

As mentioned, Shiva Kandukuri tried to deliver his best in the movie. As he is still new, there are a lot of areas where he should improve on. He impresses in the romantic scenes and also in the intense and emotional sequences. Megha Akash did well but there is nothing amazing about her character. Pragathi Shrivastava and Priya Vadlamani were used in sgnificant roles. Suhas and Dhananjaya were good.

Writer and director Bharath Peddagani tried to mix a love story with local politics. He had a good idea and his narration is influenced by many Telugu movies. Especially, there is a heavy Arjun Reddy influence in his writing. Gopi Sundar’s background score is neat. The cinematography of Rahul Shrivatsav is good. He captured Warangal very well. The editing could have been better though. The production values were decent.


First Half and Second Half:

The first half is passable with a good pace and neatly-done love scenes. The flashback sequences also engage us in the proceedings. However, things actually begin in the second half. It is very interesting.


Shiva Kandukuri performance
First Half Flashback scenes
Background Score


Lengthy Runtime
Second Half


The IBC News take on Movie:

On the whole, Manu Charithra tries to be another Arjun Reddy but it has a different tone. On the whole, the movie impresses.

One-Line Review:

Intense Charitra…