Messi peso note

Messi might soon be featured on a 1000 peso bill! But there’s a twist.

The Central Bank of the Argentine Republic has held a meeting for proposing to have the face of Lionel Messi on a 1000 peso bank note but “jokingly”. Touted as the greatest footballer of all time after he and his team won the 2022 FIFA World Cup in a historic manner, the Central bank was pondering upon the idea to honour the “GOAT” in a rightful way, the man who brought back the World Cup after a long wait of 36 years.

This news was reported by the local financial newspaper, El Financiero. The paper also reported that they wanted to put the team’s coach’s name, “La Scaloneta” which is the nickname of Leonel Scaloni, on the back of the note. But, this might in fact not be the reality as the paper mentioned that all of this was a joke.

The paper said, “And before you think otherwise, this option was ‘jokingly’ proposed by members of the Argentine Central Bank, although the most enthusiastic directors, such as Lisandro Cleri, a fervent supporter of Boca Juniors, and Eduardo Hecker, a follower of Independiente, agreed on that a banknote with this design would awaken the collecting spirit of Argentines”.