Thunivu Movie Review

Thunivu Movie Review | Ajith Kumar, Manju Warrier

Movie: Thunivu
Directed by : H. Vinoth

Starring : Ajith Kumar, Manju Warrier, Samuthirakani, Pavani Reddy

Written by : H. Vinoth
Produced by : Boney Kapoor

Cinematography : Nirav Shah
Edited by : Vijay Velukutty
Music by : Ghibran

Production companies : Bayview Projects LLP, Zee Studios
Distributed by : Red Giant Movies
Release date: 11 January 2023

The IBC News Rating

After Valimai, Ajith Kumar and Director H Vinoth are back with a bank heist thriller Thunivu to break the records at box-office. Starring Manju Warrier and John Kokken in key roles, the film has hit the screens today. Let us see how it is..


Gangster named Radha (Veera) and his gang plan to rob a bank. However, a twist in the tale occurs as they land in a bank and realize that there is a mystery man (Ajith Kumar) who is already in the bank, and is too crazy to take over the task. Also, his gang Kanmani (Manju Warrier) along with three more members (Amir, Pavni and Ciby), are contract thieves with an excellent track record. Even though the police team, led by the Commissioner (Samuthirakani), tries hard to capture the mystery man, they would not be able to do it. Who is this man and what are his motivations? Forms the crux.


What’s Entertaining & What’s Boring:

The best thing about Thunivu is its pace. The scenes move from one to the next in breakneck speed, and this is supported much by Ghibran’s high background music. The other interesting thing throughout the film is that, we don’t get to know Ajith’s name in the movie. He is known as the Michael Jackson or chief or Darkdevil.

Though the pace is a plus point, it will take time to set right. Mainly the initial half hour ses to be in a hurried manner without registering what is going on properly. The speed is such that we are watching a film at 1.5 speed and we are left clueless. So, probably it takes quite some time to understand the happenings. However, once it is done, the film is quite engaging.

Performance of Cast & Crew

Ajith’s over-the-top performance steals the show. Right from the film Vaali, the hero is known for his anti-heroic roles and the actor just takes over the scenes with utmost perfection, bringing out the whistles from the fans. Manju Warrier is good in her role and gets to perform some terrific mass moments here and there. Samuthirakani is decent in his role.

The production values of the film are pretty good. Editing is perfect. Supreme Sundar’s action choreography needs special mention, especially with many of the gun shots. Songs are good but it’s Background score that makes us high. Cinematography by Nirav Shah is neat and the VFX team has also delivered the best. Coming to director, H. Vinoth gets back to the same board as he did in Valimai but with a bit of a different story.


First Half & Second Half:

The movie opens in a hurried manner and takes some time to get right to the pace. Later, it engages us and also flows like a bullet with lots of whistle-worthy moments for the star’s fans. The second half, tries to bring in an emotional angle to the storyline by its flashback, which may seem hard to connect for few. Finally, the end part banks more on Ajith’s action sequences and his swag.


First Half
Ajith Performance


Initially Half hour
Climax block

The IBC News take on Movie:

On the whole, Thunivu’s strength lies in its strong core plot and Ajith’s terrific performance. However, the film has a very few flaws. Screenplay could have been more engaging and crisper. But keeping it apart, Thunivu ends up as a decent flick to watch this Pongal.

One-Line Review:

Ajith’s swag promises a lot of whistle moments.